Monday, April 21, 2014

Ori-Janel Creations at Kids Fashion Show Event

Ori-Janel Creations had the honor of being in a fashion show this past weekend in San Diego, CA.  Our jewelry was the only thing we brought with us this, since it was involved in the fashion show itself.  The Designs By Teagann in the fashion show wore Ori-Janel Jewelry!  Teagann's designs were amazing and inspiring.  Jewelry to match along with additional jewelry gifted at the end as well.  Ori-Janel was the only vendor at this honorary show and got to set up our additional jewelry for sale as well.  So much jewelry involved and can be bought in our Etsy shop at:

 Model #2 (from left) is wearing 25mm purple wood earrings
Model #3 is wearing an orange resin ring.
Model #4 is wearing Ori-Janel Creations cupcake earrings and necklace set
Photo Credits:  Gg Nickel Images
All wardrobe in pictures (above) are Designs by Teagann.

 Entire group shot of people involved in the Fashion Show.
Photo Credits:  Gg Nickel Images

 Owner/Creator/Designer Janel Connell set up at show

 Jewelry Set Up at fashion show.

Only Ori-Janel jewelry was involved in this show at this particular event due to space and travel issues of getting all products to the show.  Look for us at upcoming craft shows around San Diego areas and also shop in our store on

Special thanks to Greg Nickel and Designs by Teagann for having us out to this wonderful event.

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