Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tall Barbie Candles Inpiration Setting

My sister is so good at decorating and making beautiful settings that she takes photos of and posts on her pages.  This one happen to include one of my Barbie Inspired candles that she had picked out for her Christmas present.  I just love how she set it up and how the colors and picture on the candle add up for just the prefect setting.

Photo Credits:  Julie L of Fabulous Finds Boutique 2014

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These and other ones listed are on my page.

New Votive Candle Sets

 Marilyn Monroe Inspired Candle Set

 Class Movie Monster Poster Inspired Set
Siegfried Follies Inspired Set

These are my latest handmade creations I have done with candle holders.  Glass votive sized candle holders that come in a set of 2 or 4.  I used these prints and glued them onto the glass for a really cute reusable candle that gives off a lot of light and lights up the picture in the dark.

You can buy your set in my Etsy shop here:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Newest Monster Candle Creations

I love these easy and new candles I've been making with pictures of things I've gotten on cardstock and have wrapped them in laminate to protect the photo from any type of exposure.  The candles are 8 inch tall and 2.25 inches round.  Your typical tall candle you can find everywhere.  These candles burn forever.  I made these 3 monster candles most recently and am in love with them.

You can find these candles as well as the other items listed in my Etsy shop here:

I also had another request for a candle that didn't already have wax in it so that it could be used over and over again and not have an issue with a candle.  I came up with these for a custom order and seems to work great so far for myself.  I lit them up and took pictures of them and wish you could see how amazing they light up in the dark.  The pictures don't seem to do it justice.

Recent Photo Shoot with Ori-Janel Items

Sunday I did a photo shoot with Gg Nickel Images at Old Poway Park and decided it'd be a perfect time to get in some of my handmade items that matched the theme I was looking for.  A while back I made myself a leopard print cigar box purse of my own to keep, with a rare very large cigar box that I just had to keep. 

 Also a new item I made is the large, red hair flower that looked perfect in the photos and brought in a little more color to the scene.

To see more of my modeling page as Dollface Janel go here:
Full Credits:
Gg Nickel Images
MUAH:  Thao Nguyen
Model:  Dollface Janel

Additional photos not to be published online due to magazine publications not wanting any photo exposure until that time of publication. 

Publications with Ori-Janel Products

As many as you maybe know, I also do modeling and when I do photo shoots that I actually make something for, I love to make my items to wear.  Ori-Janel heart feather head piece was made by me and featured in the Baba Lous Beauties Magazine February 2014 Edition.

The Baba Lous Beauties Magazine January 2014 Edition also did a feature on my shop and some items.
I am so thankful for any exposure I get out to the world and only try to make the best handmade items to my availability and to make a good, quality item.