Monday, May 12, 2014

"Day of the Dead" Inspired Necklaces

I have always loved Day of the Dead themed items.  I love to look at them and their vibrant colors and see what the artist has done with the piece.  These 2 necklaces are my inspired designs from the tibetan silver charms that I bought. 

The first necklace I made is in pink, black and clear beads.  I used the last of my pink flower beads and finished it off with the cute musician charms and a rose.

The second necklace is black and red seed beads mixed with red and black round beads.  Finished off with the hanging charms of the dancers and a cross.

Recent Postings for Jewelry in Etsy

I love this new necklace I made.  I made my Mom a similar set for Mother's Day and she loved it as well.  This necklace also comes with a pair of 14mm stud earrings in the same kind/color of the flower pendant that is 25mm.  White 8mm pearl beaded necklace with coordinating color glass beads and silver jewelry spacer beads.
Click on the link below to go directly to the necklace for purchase.

I saw the large 10mm sized glass beads with the flowers on them and put it in my shopping basket with no hesitation.  I took some of the color in the beads and accented it with the light purple faux pearl beading.  

Click below link to buy this necklace.

Dog Lovers Treasuries

"Dog Lover" Treasury featuring my cute Dog Days jewelry set.
You can buy this set in my Etsy shop.  Click on the link below. 
"Dog Days of Summer" featuring my glass tile Dog Mom Necklace
You can buy this set in my Etsy shop.  Click on the link below.

So honored to be a part of the Dog Lovers Group on Etsy.  Check out the page here:
Anything animal related in my shop that is sold, a percentage of the proceeds go to various animal charities once a month.

Women Rock Treasury

I am so glad to be a part of this Etsy group as well.  Women have one thing they can do that is amazing, and that's stick together and help each other out with our creativeness and sales of our shop.  Put us all together, and we can do anything.   Check out the latest wonderful treasury above featuring my Van Gogh Inspired painting glass tile necklace.
You can buy the item here in my Etsy shop:
To check out our group on Etsy, click the link below.
Click to see the treasury in Etsy below:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Newest Jewelry Items

I love using recycled items whenever possible in my jewelry and other crafty items I make, this one I used a upcycled bottle cap with a glued on glass pendant in a cute hot pink color/design.  Made the beads to match in a hot pink and turquoise strand ended with a silver plated chain. 
You can buy this item listed in my Etsy shop at:

I love owls.  One of my favorite decors in anything for my house or in other crafty items I make.   This set is a full beaded necklace in yellow and brown beads.  Matching earrings beaded on a silver tone earring hanger.  The owl setting is glass glued onto a silver plated setting of 25mm size.  Very cute set.

Available to buy in my link below:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ori-Janel Item Featured in Treasury On Etsy

So excited to wake up this morning and find one of my items is in the amazing treasury.  Women in business support each other and I love to support anyone who also helps me.  So nice.  Check out all of these amazing artists and you can go to my shop here, just click on the link below.

Treasury listing at: